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Tirana 2022, a group of young people decide to invest a large sum of money to open a cool new place inside a bunker of the former communist regime. Inside the bunker, however, they will face a horror, hidden for decades, thirsty for blood and armed with lethal blades.

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Tirana 1997.  The chaos left by the fall of communism has opened the doors to a bloody civil war.
Matia, just a teenager, is harassed by his playmates. In an attempt to escape, he hides inside an abandoned bunker. In that spooky building, Matia will be the first to discover something scary and unthinkable that will change his whole life ....


Tirana 2022. Davide, Giulia, Nua and Adrian are planning their new future; an investment for a new modern venue using a bunker from the former regime. One of the group, secretly is willing to cheat the others in order to pay off a debt to some “old acquaintances”, who will not take no for an answer. In the bunker, where the group of youngsters expect their dream come true, they will find drugs, violence and fear. The real horror though hides behind an old wall. A bloodthirsty horror armed with deadly blades.


I fatti


Manuela Arcuri as Commander Wife
Francesco Rossini as Commander
Arnold Damazzeti as Ilir
Lorenzo Lepori as Eagle Man
Ermir Jonka as Adrian
Ilirda Bejleri As Nua
Juli Emiri as Yala
Ismail Shino as Minush
Xhino Musollari as Idriz
Edvin Mustafa as Lejkan 
Elidon Alika as Sophiane
Ingrid Monacelli As Giulia
Endrit Ahmetaj as Davide
Lucrezia Calogero as Maj
Lavinia Pinchi as Sylvia
Mario Bali as Balan
Stiv Osmanaj as Artoran

and for the first time on screen Matia Cobanaj

as a child Eagle Man


Alessandro Albertini

Executive Producer

Arnold Damazzeti for J&K Media Partner

Director and Camera Operator

Alex Visani

Director of photography

Alex Visani

Visual Effects

Ferruccio Carubini

Assistant director

Riccardo Cannella

Sound engineer and Composers

Daniele Marinelli

Secon Unit Camera Operator

Davide Fusi

Camera Supervisor

Arenc Kasharaj

Costume designer

Rosa Mariotti

Assistant Costume designer

Magi Milla Zorba

Make up Artist

Eleonora D'Angelo

Special Effects Makeup

Iva Cakalli

Special Effects Supervisor

Jacopo Tomassini

Copy Secretary

Laura Pascucci

Gaffer I

Gentian Cipi

Gaffer II

Avni Alliu

Grip Operator

Astrit Bica

Grip Best Boy

Joel Qendro

Truck Driver

Astrit Sula

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